Thank you for your interest in Hidden Meadow Boarding

All our stalls and pastures are currently at capacity and we are unable at this time to accept any new boarders.

Updated 12/10/2010

Hidden Meadow Boarding
It is not just the name of a business it describes our boarding facilities
The entrance to the area is secure and allows for trailers to be brought in and out at your leisure.
Electricity and water is provided for those who want to groom and wash their horses
The facilities are designed to be a no thrills area and that is why we can keep the cost down.  The stalls are matted and measure 8 ft. x 10 ft. with attached 8 foot run.

Hidden Meadows will provide full horse board on an advanced monthly fee basis as follows: 

      Group pasture 24 hours/day.

      Individually fed twice every day.

      Feed of owners choice provided.

      Hay provided to supplement pasture when needed.

      Prompt notification of illness or injury to owner.

      At owners request, horse(s) can be confined to stall/run for fee of $1.00 per day.             

      Administration of medication or treatment at an additional fee $1-2.00 per day.

Details and boarding agreement
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