Fox Trotter FAQs




How do I register my Missouri Foxtrotting Horse?

If you are buying a colt who has not been registered then you have the privilege of selecting his/her name. You must register in the colt's "First Six Months" of age, to qualify for the lower fees. First obtain Temporary Application Blank form by contacting MFTHBA in Ava Missouri and having one sent to you. Be sure to fill out both sides accurately and sign it. You then submit a check along with a completed application. The breeder needs to sign before being accepted. Note: If the "Manager" completes the certificate and not the owner, then the manager's name must be on record in the MFTHBA office.

If the colt has a coat pattern, you would apply for a "spotted" color. You must send two identical photo's of the left side of the horse. You may simply identify as "spotted." This will eliminate any confusion over qualifying the pattern (overo/tobino/sabino, etc.)

If you are buying an adult horse with registration papers, have the last owner sign the next transfer box and submit it within 30 days of the transfer date with a check  to MFTHBA in Ava, Mo.

What are blue papered horses?

A blue papered registration includes at least four (4) generations (including this horse) in which all are identified with a registration number. This is significant if you intend to breed the horse, as all stallions, if not blue papered must be approved on their gait in order for their offspring to be registered. A mare may be bred and her offspring registered with no requirements on how many generations are numbered other than the mare herself.