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Hidden Meadow will provide full horse board on an advanced monthly fee basis as follows:  

Ø      Group Pasture 24 hour a  day. 

Ø      Individually fed twice every day.

Ø      Feed of owner’s choice provided.

Ø      Hay provided to supplement pasture when needed.

Ø      Prompt notification of illness or injury to owner.

Ø      At owners request, horse(s) can be confined to stall/run for an additional $1.00 per day.        

Ø      Administration of medication or treatment at an additional fee $1-2.00 per day.

Owner will pay, in advance, on the first of every month. The boarding fee of $160.00 a month per each horse boarded. Prior agreement as to additional fees stated above will be added on. After the fifth day of the month unpaid board is considered late and a $1.00 a day late fee will be charged for each additional day that balance due goes unpaid until paid.   Boarders may park one trailer in designated area free of charge. 

Additional conditions of agreement:

Ø Boarders will observe security measures including locking the gates and not disclosing the lock numbers. 

Ø The property of others will be respected. 

Ø Any problems with an individual or a horse will be brought to the attention of the managers Denny & Leslie Hair. 

Ø If a horse causes disruption that cannot be rectified the owner will have to remove the horse within 15 days of being given notice.

Ø The owner or designated person will see to a horse’s medical needs when notified of illness or injury within a timely manner.            

Ø Any supplements will be provided by the owner.

Ø No smoking or drinking of alcohol while on the property including trails.

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Condition of Payment: Personal Check, Cash, Cashier Check and Money Order accepted only

Absolutely no horse will be boarded without the below Information filled in, accepted and verified:

Name of Owner(s):: _____________________________________________________________________

Home Phone:_______________Work Phone__________________ Cell Phone: ___________________

Employer: ___________________________ Employer Address__________________________________

Texas DL number _____________________ DOB_ _____________________(Verified)_____

Real Physical Address: (No PO BOX accepted) _________________________________APT_________


E Mail Address : (Optional) ______________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Person:___________________________    Phone: __________________________

Emergency Contact Persons Address ______________________________________________________

Veterinarian: ____________________________________Phone Number ________________________

Name of Horse: ________________________________________________________________________

Color: ____________________Breed: _____________________ Sex: __________  Age:____________


( If two or more horses, see addendum sheet )

Hold Harmless and Payment Agreement

I _________________________________ agree to the conditions written above.  I further agree to not hold responsible and will hold harmless all parties, associated with, owners and or employees of Hidden Meadows; for (1) injury, theft or illness to my horse; (2) damage or theft of my trailer or tack; and (3) injury to myself and my guests  It is further understood that Hidden Meadows, et al, retains the right to forbid service or terminate services without notice or reason.

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Hidden Meadows will not be held responsible, and will be held harmless for any Acts of God. Acts of God are defined, as any natural occurrence such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Lightning strikes and other occurrences by nature that could or did cause damage to persons or property but is not limited to such.
I understand that under Texas law (Chapter 87 - civil practice and remedies code), an equine professional us not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. 

Failure to pay on time

Late Fees:  Returned Checks and Worthless Checks etc

It is also understood, by the undersigned and agreed to, that they will be charged a late fee of $1.00 a day per a horse for everyday past due after the 1st day of each month. Returned checks will be charged a $25 returned check fee plus the additional days late fee. A cashier’s check or money order will be required if a check is returned for any reason.


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